Code Red

Hello all!  This is my first post at my author site for my first novel, Code Red.  It comes out on April 11th and I’m both excited and nervous about it, as I’m sure you can imagine!  I’m going to include the book cover and a link to the synopsis below.  I’m also going to try to find someone with way more skill than I have to set this site up and make it a lot prettier.  You don’t want to know how long it took me to figure out how to change the header on this.  Haha  So yeah, technical skill is not my forte!  But hopefully storytelling is!  Hope to see you soon!


Code Red Synopsis

Code Red book cover high res



6 thoughts on “Code Red

  1. Code Red
    Written by: Amy Noelle
    Tentative release date of April 11, 2013

    The old adage, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ holds true for Code Red. You’d assume by the shockingly vivid red cover, and title, that this book would be some erotic BDSM sex-fest. Well, you’d be wrong. What you’d find instead is a stimulating and exceedingly ingenious read with loveable characters that will keep you giggling and your toes curling throughout the book.

    Let’s meet our alluring female lead, Nicole Magette, or as she prefers, Nic. Miss Magette is a 26 year old mother of two…cats, Huntington Peabody the Third and Winchester. Nic is also a bona fide watcher of Supernatural on Friday nights. She is a self-declared, “…smart, independent woman who doesn’t need a guy to make her happy.” Instead she fills her sexual needs with random, nerdy, one night stands who her friends feel are “below her”.

    While born and raised in a tiny Southern Illinois town, Nic moved to Chicago for college and decided to stick around. It was while dating Damian, a cheating, “Greek asshole”, in college that Nic met Kim, Ash, Jen and Mandy, the girls who would become her very best friends and members of a support system called “Code Red”. A plan to ward off guys that had the potential to make them forget what jerks men could be.
    “You only call it if you don’t want to fall for the guy.”

    Years later, we find Mandy, Kim and Ash happily married, which leaves Jen and Nic the only single ones left. Jen, because she finds it hard to trust after a relationship ended badly years prior, and Nic because she had her heart broken once by the cheater, Damien, and intends to never fall for a guy again, or so she thinks.

    Here is where we welcome Joshua Daniels, but don’t call him Joshua unless he’s in some sort of trouble. Josh is a handsome 29 year old sales rep for a fancy New York agency temporarily based out of Nic’s place of employment for several weeks. Nic’s boss then decides to pair the two up since Nic is the best technical writer the company has, of course.

    Now that you have the backstory, here is where things start to heat up. Both Josh and Nic seem to be instantly attracted to one another, but Nic is desperate to fight it and calls several Code Reds. Her friends, while supportive, think she’s over exaggerating. Nic fights the attraction with all she has, but sometimes, real attraction that’s more than skin deep can be hard to ignore.

    The banter between the male and female lead in Code Red is very entertaining, and it certainly helps establish a comfortable, relaxing relationship between the reader and the characters. Their bond is believable and honest, and while their love scenes are passionate and tender they’re also sexy and alluring.
    I enjoyed Code Red immensely and while this was Miss Noelle’s debut novel, readers will be salivating for more. Visit the writer’s blog at: for news and updates from this author.

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